If you visit restaurants with an open kitchen, you may notice that some pizzas are cut using scissors.

Use the small propane pizza oven for a tasty and saturated pizza7.

It would seem that a classic wheel-shaped knife is one of the most convenient kitchen tools. And is replacing it with scissors just a new way to stand out?

It all depends on what kind of pizza you are going to share.

In Italy, for example, they serve long pizzas such as Pizza al Taglio or Pizza Bianca alla Romana and use scissors to cut off the piece requested by the client. A person who cuts pizza, as if unwinding you a tape of the desired length.

In general, scissors do fine with thin pizzas, and you can also use them if you want to give your guests a piece of the freshly baked pie.

But experts ask to be careful when cutting thicker pies that are just pulled out of the oven. Melted cheese may fall into your hand as you continue to cut with scissors. And believe me – he will definitely leave a burn.

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