Here I would like to answer the question you most often ask me: “how do I make an ‘excellent homemade pizza’?

Well, now I will explain to you how to make the best pizza with home equipment.

Before starting, I leave you the list of everything you need:

  • 1000g flour type 0 (medium-weak w250);
  • 650g water (at 20 degrees);
  • 1g of fresh brewer’s yeast (the classic bread you find in the supermarket);
  • 25g of sea salt;
  • 25g of extra virgin olive oil (extra virgin olive oil).
  • Since not everyone has a homemade dough mixer, we will use our beautiful kneading hands.

We begin to equip ourselves by taking a large basin, where we put flour, all the water, and the yeast.

Let’s start by mixing these three ingredients by kneading vigorously, and when the mixture has absorbed all the water, it will be time to add the salt and, after another 2 minutes of work by hand, the oil.

We continue to knead vigorously until all the ingredients have been absorbed. The dough must not be perfectly smooth … time will help us in this operation. (As if by magic the next day you will find the dough swollen and smooth).

Once the dough is obtained (of not perfectly smooth consistency), we leave it in the same container for 10 hours at room temperature.

Generally, at home, we have a temperature of 19-21 degrees.

After 10 hours, you will find the swollen dough with a good and slightly alcoholic smell, all good signs!

Now we turn our dough gently and form the balls.

You will ask: “How do we calculate how much dough put in the pan?” Very simple.

First, measure the area of ​​the pan and then multiply by 0.6.

Let’s review the areas for a moment!

  • Rectangular baking tray: base x height x 0.60
  • Example 30x20x0,60 = 360 so we will have to put 360 grams of dough.
  • Square baking tray: base x base x 0.60
  • Example 30x30x0.6 = 540 we will have to put 540 grams of dough.
  • Round baking tray: radius x radius x 3.14 x 0.60
  • Example 28 cm pan, the radius is 14x14x3.14 × 0.60 = 370 then 370 grams of dough

All clear?

Once we have weighed our pasta, compared to the size of the pan, let’s put it in lightly oiled containers that can contain, very tightly, the dough during the leavening phase.

We wait 3-4 hours at room temperature, then we put plenty of durum wheat semolina on the workbench and gently spread our pizza dough. (More air we can hold in our dough and the more our pizza will be light, tasty and evenly cooked).

Once spread out, take the pasta and, very carefully, remove the excess flour and place it in your lightly oiled pan.

After putting it in the pan, wait about twenty minutes (if you want to add the tomato to the pizza you can do it right now).

Before baking, add a little oil over the entire base so that the color is even and perfect.

Bake in the PRERISCALDATO oven at maximum temperature (usually home ovens reach a maximum of 250C, some manage to reach 280C).

Wait 6-7 minutes for the first cooking phase and then take it out of the oven. This is the right time to add any mozzarella and vegetables to preserve all the characteristics of our ingredients.

Once seasoned put it back in the oven for another 3-4 minutes always at the same temperature.

Once cooked, cut and enjoy!

I hope this article helped you,

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