You will have eaten many with the basic dough served in a pizzeria for the “salty” pizza covered with spreadable cream, especially Nutella.

At Tuttofood Milan and Tuttopizza Naples, she was the protagonist, the sweet version of the pizza studied from the dough to the stuffing to propose a balanced dish and not merely a delicious topping to put in contrast with the base used for the Margherita pizza.

Between pizza makers and a pastry chef at the request of Scatti di Gusto, they prepared three sweet pizza recipes to verify the possibility of offering their customers an excellent meal in line with the gastronomic proposal of a pizzeria.

The pizza makers are Davide Civitiello, Salvatore Lioniello, and Giuseppe Pignalosa. The pastry chef is Gianluca Ranieri.

And we start with Tuttofood Milano and Pizze di Primavera, organized by Scatti di Gusto in collaboration with Mulino Caputo and Latteria Sorrentina as a Fuorisalone in the pizzeria Da Zero in Via dell’Orso, for the first pizza.

1. The Red Velvet sweet pizza by Salvatore Lioniello

It is the Red Velvet that Salvatore Lioniello will put on paper in the homonymous pizzeria of Succivo.

The dough with 0 Caputo flour and a percentage of remilled semolina (with 15 grams of salt and 15 grams of sugar) are supplemented with dehydrated raspberry and a raspberry puree. Hydration is 75%. The filling is a spiral of Fuscella di Napoli from Latteria Sorrentina and red fruits decorated with a crumbled sponge cake Red Velvet, fresh fruit and chocolate. Cooking in an electric oven helps to create a layer of crunchy to hold the generous filling.

Compared to classic Neapolitan pizza, it is precisely the search for a supporting crunch to make the difference, and on this line, the idea of ​​different elaborations is new. Also, the temperature of the filling placed with a sac a poche is an element to be taken into consideration. We are facing a “pizza focaccia” garnished at the exit from the oven, and the temperature of the disc tends to melt the delicate ricotta. One of the few cases in which it is preferable to take the filling out of the refrigerator at the same time as the pasta disc is made out of the oven.

2. The sweet coffee pizza by Davide Civitello

A rule, the latter, which applies both to cooking in the electric stove and the wood-fired oven. Davide Civitiello performed the litmus test with an interpretation of the tiramisu in combo with Antonio Sorrentino. The orthodox World Champion pizza STG has prepared a biga with the new Nuvola Super closed 30% flour with Nuvola and Neapolitan espresso (100 grams per kilo of flour).

When it comes out of the oven, it is brushed with coffee. The Frascella di Napoli is supplemented with hazelnut and amaretto grains, while the decoration is entrusted to chocolate and coffee beans.

Wood or electric cooking? The electric food allows a uniform drying and the thrust assured by the Nuvola flour also allows operating temperatures below 450 ° C. Davide Civitiello has prevented the disc from becoming too dry by lightly moistening the surface of the drive that stays in the chamber for a long time with water. In the wood-burning oven, of which Civitiello is one of the greatest connoisseurs of the Neapolitan scene, it did not require the same treatment. The pizza was cooked in a far shorter time.

When tasted, pizzas are almost the same: the difference is in the crisp veil given by the prolonged cooking in the electric oven.

3. The sweet mango pizza by Giuseppe Pignalosa

In this case, the “injection” into the dough of the lemon puree prepared by Gianluca Ranieri involved use of 80 grams per kilo of flour. High hydration but lower than its norm for this pizza stuffed with Fuscella di Napoli, mango, salted caramel, dried fruit and chocolate decorations.

Three original interpretations whose characteristic is sharing with other diners.

Appointment, therefore, on June 10 by Salvatore Lioniello who, as mentioned, has provided for the insertion in the paper of the sweet pizza developed by Ranieri who already supplies the Succivo pizzeria with the single portions surmounted by the chocolate hat which also include a Red Velvet.

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