In this article on my BLOG, I will try to give you some little advice to help you improve the cooking of your products. It plays a fundamental role and must be managed in the right way, mainly if we use a “home oven.”

Modern ovens are different from those of a few years ago. Today, on the market, there are almost only “ventilated” ovens which, thanks to the airflow produced by the fan with which they are equipped, allow the heat to spread evenly reaching every corner of the cooking chamber.

The ovens of a few years ago, on the other hand, are “static,” that is, thanks to resistances that heat up, produce heat, but the air inside the chamber is stationary, precisely static.

From this small difference, you will already understand that ventilated cooking, according to my point of view, is better, faster and with a more uniform heat thanks to the air which, circulating, reaches every corner of the oven.

Another fundamental advice that I think should be shared with you is: before cooking the product PRERISCALDA the oven. Many people underestimate this problem, but with the same amount of cooked dough: one with a preheated oven and one with no oven, there are significant differences. In the first, the mixture grows very well, dries appropriately and has a soft crust. On the contrary, when the product is cooked in a non-preheated oven, the dough   should stand for a longer time (4-5 times longer) than the time spent in a preheated oven and, consequently, the result is an undeveloped dough, with a tough crust due to excessive cooking and inside it will be uncooked.

Another piece of advice I want to give you is to put a small pot of water inside the cooking chamber or to spray water on the walls of the oven, to humidify the house itself and not get a crust of the product that is too dry and stringy.

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